HPF-50-55 High Pass TVI Filter

HPF-50-55 High Pass Filter


The HPF-50-55 TVI Filter features include:

  • < 3dB passband attenuation below 500 MHz,
  • <1dB passband attenuation below 250 MHz (Ch2, 7 9 & 10),
  • < 8dB passband attenuation 500-800 MHz,
  • > 55 dB attenuation in the reject band between 3 and 30 MHz,
  • Up to 80 dB of attenuation for signals below 10 MHz
  • 5 Stage filter design.

PRICE:   $39.00


The HPF-50-55 is a very effective high pass filter designed to remove interference to susceptible television receivers. The filter offers a very high level of attenuation against strong out-of-band signals which may be present at the input to a TV from a local HF transmitter - your amateur transceiver. The TVI filter is designed for coaxial cable (75 ohm) TV antenna systems.

Greater than 80 dB of attenuation is provided in the HF bands below 7 MHz and for the majority of the HF band the attenuation is better than 60 dB. The pass band ripple is kept to below 3.0 dB for frequencies below about 300 MHz ensuring that there is very little attenuation of the wanted TV signals. Don't let the XYL or the neighbors control your operating times. Operate, happy in the knowledge that the XYL or the neighbours won't come pounding on your shack door just as you are about to crack the pile-up for
T27, K5D, or YV0X!


The filter is supplied with standard "PAL" type connectors, one female and one male so that the filter is easily inserted into the feedline between your TV antenna and your TV set.. Simply insert the filter between the outlet wall socket from your TV antenna and the TV or VCR (PVR). In some installations, it may be more beneficial to insert the filter between the VCR, Set top box or PVR and the TV.

If your TV and the VCR/Set Top Box/PVR are both susceptible to RF interference then you may need to use two filters, one between the TV antenna wall socket and the input to your VCR/Set Top Box/PVR and the other between the output of the VCR/Set Top Box/PVR and the input to your TV. For most installations fitting the filter between your TV antenna outlet and the input to your TV or VCR/Set Top Box/PVR  will provide substantial TVI improvement. Fit the filter as close to the input to the TV or VCR/Set Top Box/PVR  as possible. Note that in most installations, it is the failure of the TV to reject strong out-of-band transmissions (.e.g. from your HF transceiver) that is the cause of TVI. Most amateur transceivers have a very clean output, with low harmonics and spurious signals. If your transmitter is clean, fitting a low pass filter to the output of your transceiver is not going to solve your TVI problems, although it can be useful to ward off the neighbors by showing that your station has a filter installed.


The HPF-50-55 has also been found to be effective at reducing the amount of interference PLASMA TVs create on the HF Bands. Customers have reported significant reduction in HF interference to their receivers when a HPF-50-55 was fitted to those pesky RF emitting PLASMA TVs.


Buy a Rippletech filter and if it doesn't fix or help your TVI or HF interference problem, simply return it and the packaging in good order and we'll provide a full refund of the purchase price (less postage which is usually only $2.00). Effectively, you can trial out a TVI/RFI solution for as little as $4!! How good is that?

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