160m - 6m Low Power HF/VHF 1:1 Balun kit

1:1  HF/VHF Insta-Balun Kit


The Insta-balun kit features include:

  • Operating frequency - 1.8 MHz to 60 MHz (usable to 1.8 -> 90 MHz)
  • Operating power - 100W CW  (into a matched load), 100W PEP
  • Type - Single Toroidal ferrite core
  • Ratio - 1 :1 (50 ohm)
  • Current mode balun with single toroidal core
  • Thru loss - < 0.05dB (typical 1.8 to 30 MHz)
  • VSWR - Degradation less than 1.1:1 (typical)

PRICE:   $22.00

Note: Hurry, very limited stock


The Insta-balun is a high performance low loss, 1:1 balun kit designed for portable and field operation. An Insta-balun can be used to construct your own single band or multi-band antenna. It is extremely lightweight as there is no housing (and therefore is not long term weather proof). It willoperate in rain but will degrade once water enters the open sleeves of the coaxial cable. However, it is very simple and cheap to add a silicone sealant to the coax open end to provide a weather proof construction, which should last 3-5 years depending on use and care.


The Insta-balun is designed for wire antennas and has a mounting hole for suspension support. The insta-balun can be used in inverted vee or straight dipole installations  where light weight is the premium consideration and low power handling capability (100w) is not an issue. An eyelet is provided to support the balun when it is hung in a vertical situation such as when installed in a wire dipole or inverted vee antenna. The balun may be used for boom/mast installations if needed. Large cable ties can be used for the boom installation and small cable ties for the wire installations.


The Insta-balun is a kit. The components shown above are provided and enable a balun to be constructed and wire elements attached. Construction time is approximately 15-20 minutes. It is supplied with a comprehensive, illustrated and detailed construction manual. The Insta-balun is an excellent starting kit for Foundation licence holders who would like to get to construct their own dipole or other wire antennas. Great for field days, learning days, practical nights, etc.

Constructed Insta-Balun

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