Self Amalagamating Tape

TPSA-10m Self Amalgamating Tape

TPSA-10m Self Amalgamating Tape


A roll of TPSA-10m Self Amalgamating Tape:

  • 10mm wide tape of 10m total length
  • Seals upon itself
  • Long stretch
  • Non tacky to touch after application
  • Remove with a stanley knife or similar
  • Water tight seal after cure.,
  • Ideal for all external coaxial connections.

PRICE:   $18.00


Self amalgamating tape is essential to ensure that your antenna installation is long lasting and remains at optimum performance, free from the effects of the weather which can cause corrosion and lead to inter-modulation problems, poor conductivity, resistive losses and other undesired effects.

Self amalgamating tape is a butyl rubber derivative that bonds with itself upon installation. This provides an effective seal against moisture ingress. After 5-10 years with such a covering, the tape can be removed and the nuts, bolts, connectors underneath will still look like new. A very worthy preventative measure, and relatively cheap.


For best results wrap your connections with a layer of normal, but good quality electrical tape, followed by a layer of self amalgamating tape, and then a final layer of electrical tape. This will provide an effective barrier to moisture whilst also allowing the tape to be easily removed should you require to modify or work on your antenna installation. Stretch the self-amalgamating tape slightly (about 25 - 40%) during installation to provide a tacky, pressure to bind one turn over the next.


The rolls of self amalgamating tape are 10mm wide and 10m long, enough to do many installations. However, buy 3 or more rolls at one time and the tape will be shipped free of freight charges, within AUSTRALIA only. NZ will offer 50% off freight (Australia Post) charges. Other countries 20% off.

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