Squid Pole

TZ-FP-10 10m tall fibreglass pole

Fibreglass support pole


The TZ-FP-10 features include:

  • Fully extended length 10m
  • Collapsed Length 1170mm.
  • Base outside diameter 54mm, tip O.D. 2mm
  • Weight < 1.5kg.
  • CANNOT be shipped via the post (apologies), must use courier

PRICE:   $60.00


The TZ-FP-10 is a 10m tall fishing pole which can be effectively used as either a support for a horizontal antenna or the support for a vertical. The pole sections slide inside each other so that the pole is very small and portable when packed. It is lightweight and yet strong enough to support horizontal antennas when the balun or support is located 2 or 3 sections below the top section. For verticals, the whole pole can be used to good effect.

The poles are black in color and we have used these as outstanding performers on 80m, using some of our aluminium at the bottom and an EMDRC club mast base. If fact, I personally added 10 new DXCCs on 160m in one night when loading up a 20m vertical using one of the squid poles and an aluminum base.

The base of the poles will very nicely fit over a 44mm dia aluminium section which can be mated with a 48mm dia aluminium section to provide a sturdy light and portable mast up to 14m or so.


The poles are ever so slightly too short for a 40m vertical which needs to be 10.3m long but a small loading coil about 2m above the base (7-9 turns) will have the vertical resonate on 40m. A larger coil can be used to resonate such an antenna on 80m for a very effective vertical. For the other bands the wire can be cut to the correct length and attached to the pole.

If used to support horizontal or inverted vee type antennas, we recommend that the top 2 or 3 section not be used as they are too thin and light for such purposes. Also select a very lightweight balun and lightweight antenna wire so as not to stress the fibreglass too much. Attach the balun or dipole center to the pole at the appropriate height and then simply raise each section at a time and twist. Use a tuner for a multi-band antenna with open wire feeder or combine with our TZ-OCF-40 or TZ-OCF-80 for a cheap, lightweight and very effective antenna system.

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