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In conjunction with our many satisfied customers and due to popular demand, Rippletech Electronics has developed a modification to our most popular TZ-V-4 to be converted for operation on 80m. This is great for our many F-Call hams who want to get onto 80m with an effective signal. The new antenna features much larger diameter tubing in the lower sections upto the 40m trap and a new 40m trap with cap hat wires to allow operation on 80m. Some space in 2 dimensions is required but only a few metres on each side of the antenna.

Two versions of the antenna are available. One for permanent installations which is simpler to manufacture and of stronger construction, due to fewer components and a small, compact version that can still be shipped via the post and is ideal for mini-dxpeditions and one man shows. The TZ-V-5c is the compact version is the same as the TZ-V-4 plus the mod kit and is designed to be a light weight portable antenna, still shippable via Australia Post and packs into the boot of a normal sedan (still only 1.0m long sections) but with slightly heavier top sections to better support the 40m trap. The TZ-V-5 is a heavier antenna with a stronger thicker 20m trap and longer sections for a stronger antenna meant for more permanent installations. It is expected that the TZ-V-5 will comprise sections of no more than 1.575m long so it is still quite portable but cannot be shipped via Australia Post. A packing tube suitable for the antenna will be available for $49 sometime later.

NEW - NEW - NEW - SUPER DX LOW BAND DX VERTICAL 20m/30m/40m and YES, 80M Too!

We have developed a new low band antenna specifically for ground mounting and working DX on the low bands. This antenna has been developed for the ham bands after our successful development of a commercial antenna for similar frequencies. (see below).

The antenna is a full size on 20m with full coverage of the 20m band. It has a trap for 30m and 40m with an extension and capacity hat for 80m. The antenna has a double wall base section (32mm diameter) and a longer/stronger base support bracket. On 40m the antenna is around 80% of full size and so is extremely effective, and over 60% of full size makes it quite useable as a DX antenna on the 75m DX window or 80m CW DX. A capacitance hat is used for maximum efficiency and at approx 12m tall it is as tall as we can make it without going to very large expensive tubing. Nylon guy ropes are recommended at the 40m trap position with a radius of about 2m from the base to provide additions support, although the antenna can be free standing for short field trips, etc. It is also light and strong enough to be erected by one person (2 makes it easier, but it is possible by yourself with a bit of muscle).

This antenna was only about an S point down on one of our 80m slopers which uses a 50ft tower plus 15ft extension so it is quite efficient. On 30m and 40m the efficiency is almost undetectably different to a full size vertical.

Install on the ground with a ground rod and with as many radials as you can install on your property. Just install as many as you can, as long as you can make them. Add more as time goes by and improve your low band signal month by month.

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