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YJ8TZ DXpedition and Volcano Videos on Youtube

There are a couple of videos now on Youtube of my trip (VK3TZ) to Vanuatu as YJ8TZ in March 2008 for the CQ WPX Phone Contest.

The mini-dxpedition video edited by my good friend and video expert Jack, VK3WWW is here - DXPEDITION VIDEO

The volcano visit video edited by my good friend and video expert Jack, VK3WWW is here - VOLCANO VIDEO

Rippletech Develops Multi-Frequency Vertical for Oil Exploration Company! (June 2010)

Rippletech Electronics was selected to develop a prototype multi-frequency vertical antenna to assist with HF communications in remote PNG. InterOil Corporation, listed on the New York Stock Exchange engaged Rippletech to develop an efficient and easy to set-up vertical for their seismic crews which operate in PNG. The objective was to ensure the antenna would operate without adjustment on all frequencies used by the crews and provide good communications over 50kms or so. The antenna is over 7.0m tall but packs down to less than 2.0m in length and most importantly can be deployed in minutes. Easy assembly with a minimum kit of tools and equipment would ensure the antenna is fit for purpose. The prototype antenna is now undergoing testing and evaluation by the technical staff of InterOil Corporation. Rippletech Electronics is quietly confident that after a successful test phase, 10 or more verticals may be ordered to supplement or replace the existing antennas used by InterOil Corporation.

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