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Customer Feedback and Comments

Hi Tony ..just a short note to let you know that I have finally got the antenna situated and with really good SWR < 1.5 on all bands with a good bandwidth on each. I can even get 80 meters with the help of a tuner ..the other bands need no tuner at all...it is still mounted on the side fence 6 ft off the ground and utilizing the radials in all the directions I am able to put them in. I am extremely happy with antenna and I have passed my F licence so am looking forward to getting on air soon.

Best regards Peter Holmes (May 2010)

I would just like to take a second or two to let your company know that my purchase of a balun (tz-230d-4m). I did wait most patiently and steadfastly next to my mail-box praying for ANYBODY to deliver my balun and at last the mailman arrived with a package. without hesitation I made a bee line for my shed, gathered the necessary tools needed for the quick installation of this hot item. ten minutes is all it took for me to have it installed, I raced inside my shack to attach the 213 to my analyser. With a very loud YAHOO I couldn't believe my luck, 80,40,20&10 meters all had great vswr,s,15 was high but I can live with that this morning I had my first contact in a long time on 80 meters , boy was I tickled, So to you guys there at Rippletech, thanks for a great product. Am now saving frantically for that multi band vertical )Keep up the good work Rick.........vk2hfp (May 2010)


Thank you for supplying the balun so promptly. It is well and solidly made, with all of the good finishing touches that an amateur operator would take considerable time to include if they built it themselves. I appreciate the good weather sealing and clear instructions.

I put it up on my 20m dipole in a few minutes and it tamed the SWR. I was also impressed by the big improvement in reception that proper matching has made.

I wish you every success with your business. Your combination of good products and good customer service at attractive prices is the right formula and I realise that this just doesn't happen without focused work. Your product delivers good value.

Thank you.

73 de Bill Isdale



The balun arrived in the post today - thank you for the fast and efficient transaction. Looking forward to setting this up on the weekend.....

Eion Williamson

Hi Tony,
Thank you again for the really excellent customer service. It is fantastic. I will ring you on your mobile. I will opt for shipping via Economy Air package. Also the stainless self tapping screws would be best for me to install.

Bartholomew O,

Just replying to say that I have received the two filters. Thanks kindly for your prompt service. The filters work well.

73's de vk3ccw

G'day Tony,

I received my TZ-v-4 yesterday thank you, it arrived safely. I erected the antenna and got the
following results.

28.3mhz 1.1 across all of 28mhz pretty much,
21.25mhz 1.3vswr( 21.2 was 1.2 vswr),
14.180mhz 1.4vswr(21.020mhz 1.3vswr, 21.255mhz 1.5vswr),
7.125mhz less than 1.1vswr (7.2mhz 1.2vswr) fantastic on 40m,

When I tried 7.1Mhz initially it was over 2 vswr so I doubled the radial back on itself by
approx 1 metre and this did the trick less than 1.1. Very happy with the results so far, I
will play with 15m and 20m tuning more when the weather cools here as it is 42degrees c here
for the next few days in Redhill.

I couldn't believe the increase in reception on these bands compared to the old dipole I have
been listening on, now to get my foundation license and enjoy using this antenna. I think I
will be able to adjust the resonant frequencies from the ground by doubling back on themselves
the radials for the appropriate bands, worked great on 40m. Thanks again Tony.

Regards Bill Darragh.

HI Tony

Hope all is well. Second tower is up and finally have the A3WS operational again after 3 years on the ground. The Inverted Vees work well - a bit further away from the power lines that the other set and seem to be quieter for it. Anyway I would like some more self amalgamating tape and see that if I buy three it includes postage.

Allan Meredith

Hi Tony,

I have fitted the Balun on the TH6 and it is working great. I has taken 1500 watts of carrier and no probs on sideband; I'm very pleased and will recommend it to anyone. I will get 40m up next week, at the moment it is fed with coax balun (Turns).

Thanks, Jaye VK2SD


I would highly recommend purchasing a balun from Tony, VK3TZ, at Rippletech Electronics. I have just purchased two of his 1:1 Balunís (High Powered 2kw rated) and am very impressed, you won't be sorry. Just let him know what youíre after and I'm sure he will have it done. Also, good $$ as well. Here is a link to his web page and his email address. Made right here in Aus.

Thanks, Jaye VK2SD


I got the H.P Filter. I was very impressed with it's performance. I was happy with your helpful response to my problem and quick service. I would give you 9/10 for service. and 7/10 for presentation of product. ( it looked more of a homebrew job rather then a professionally bought product). Anyhow, you wanted my response and please feel free to use me as a endorsement for your company on your website.

David Cooper

Good evening Tony,

Thank you for going out of your way to dispatch the baluns on the same day. They arrived the following morning. Delighted with both the construction and performance particularly on 160 metres.
Well done!!

Kind regards
Geoff Leedham

Hi Tony,

Thank you for calling me back today.

I have managed to stop TVI completely on 10mtrs but still have a problem on 20mtrs. I didnít try 15mtrs yet. I used 2 x 300ohm-75ohm TV sockets back to back. 10mtrs is very quite at present and Iíd like to get 20mtrs up and running and work some DX.

Please work out a price on your HPF-50-55 posted to Ulladulla NSW 2539 and let me know your bank details. I will do a direct deposit and email you an order form.

Kind Regards,
Greg Cogar


Hi Tony,

I am very pleased with the filter, thank you.

Kind Regards,
Greg Cogar

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Great transaction and fast postage Many thanks Buyer: ausmark58 ( 195) 16-Dec-09 22:24 Off Centre Fed (OCF) Dipole with dual core balun (#220524252634)

Excellent Antenna - Good Value - very quick delivery Buyer: fl220 ( 217) 16-Dec-09 11:05 Off Centre Fed (OCF) Dipole with dual core balun (#220520119726)

works very well fixed all the next doors tv problems aaa++++ fast postage 73 Buyer: kiko_2007 ( 310) 17-Sep-09 19:31 -- (#220471522428)

Nice product, fast shipping - Beauty mate! Buyer: robjohn ( 3184) 05-Jun-09 10:22 -- (#220414553830)

Very quick delivery. Excellent goods received. A+++ seller Highly recommended. Buyer: joinau ( 59) 03-Jun-09 15:28 -- (#220425340558)

Excellent e-bayer. Item as described. Highly recommend this Seller. A+ service. Buyer: radio!!!!!!! ( 59) 02-Jun-09 21:24 -- (#220414551956)

very fast postage well packed deal with any time very nice workmanship aaa+++ Buyer: lenshrek ( 128) 02-Jun-09 09:20 -- (#220420809706)

Fast delivery, excellent product, thanx again! Buyer: krrbr77 ( 116) 22-Feb-08 10:21 -- (#220195002428)

exactly as described. excellent communication, prompt despatch easy transaction Buyer: cooky57 ( 88) 11-Feb-08 14:52 -- (#220194335131)

Don't buy the FH-1, This is much better value. Small, handy and well built. Buyer: dean400 ( 119) 17-Dec-07 10:27 -- (#220174175672)

very pleased with product, great communications, recommended seller. A+A+A Buyer: wrinkles13au ( 88) 25-May-06 10:11 -- (#9723204180)

Awesome transaction,100% tech support, worked JH8;NP4;WP3;AH7;ZL1on 40M on 10w ! Buyer: ajajapan ( 830) 29-Apr-06 14:41 -- (#5877298782)

EXCELLENT Ebayer...very easy to deal with and a TOP product too! AAA+++ Buyer: thundaroad ( 3980)  02-Apr-06 15:34 -- (#5877313690)

Good products, Good value and rservice. Buyer: radiolindsay ( 90) 17-Dec-05 11:20 -- (#5836538773)

thank a useful device, prompt delivery, thank you Buyer: vk2kyp ( 235) 15-Dec-05 16:16 -- (#5836538349)

very solid and well made, quick service. Highly recommended seller Buyer: wombat_62 ( 231) 05-Dec-05 20:30 -- (#5828519976)

Recommend to Everyone...Tony VK3TZ..Sale Fantastic product A++++ Buyer: ic-7800 ( 33) 20-Aug-04 17:56 -- (#5714041257)

Very good product and workmanship , Good to trade with , Thanks .. Buyer: steve_vk2sjj ( 304) 09-Jul-04 19:46 -- (#3094080882)

Seller also manufacturer, excellent quality goods&packaging highly recommended Buyer: stormboy1949 ( 239) 18-May-04 19:13 -- (#3094082415)

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