About Rippletech

Rippletech Electronics was established in 2003 to provide amateur radio operators with alternative products not currently available easily in Australia. Products types and models are selected as those not required in large enough quantities to be manufactured by some of the larger companies. Initial product offerings are based on antennas and accessories, primarily those which have been used with success over the years at VK3TZ.

Products include WARC band antennas, low band antennas including rotary dipoles for 40m and 30m, small, portable and simple to erect, wideband bandwidth trapped verticals, baluns, sloper antennas and arrays, remote controls for the FT-1000mp and High Pass TVI filters for commercial applications.

A new line of automatic antenna switches is currently under final development which will permit the contest operator and DXer to have the right antenna selected automatically when a band change is made.

RippleTech electronics is run by Tony Burt, VK3TZ. Tony's qualifications include B. Eng (Comms RMIT) and M.B.A. (Deakin) and has over 30 years experience as a licensed ham and 25 years as a professional communications engineer working in defence, commercial, offshore, oil and gas communications.

As a keen DXer and contester, VK3TZ has achieved much from a small city QTH and the products offered are suited for similar stations, not necessarily the big guns. Tony has been number 1 in VK for the CQWPX TS category many times, has held several of the VK and Zone 30 CQDX contest records in different categories, has only 2 DXCC entities remaining to work (FJ & 3C0) and 3 CQ WAZ zones required for 5BWAZ, has completed 5BDXCC and has worked DXCC on all 3 WARC bands.

Oceania is a difficult location for contesting with most antennas pointed in the other direction. If there was an award for "most QSOs of the back of the beam" someone in Oceania would win it! Notwithstanding, some of Tony's best results have included a world #6, low power SSB 40m CQWW 2000, world #8 TS Category, SOAB WPX SSB 2005, #1 Oceania 80m CW LP CQDX 1999, #1 Zone 30 CQDX SOAB 1996

The products offered are based on the antennas, products, ideas and accessories used to achieve these milestones and contest results. Contesting results are available here.

Some photos of Tony (VK3TZ) and some antennas, including a stacked array for 10m are available here.

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