Full Size Verticals

Full Sized Vertical Antennas


The TZ-V-xx are full sized quarter wave vertical antennas that are excellent performers providing single band performance with superior gain and bandwidth to trapped designs. In some instances, the verticals can be adjusted so that higher bands can be accommodated by removing the top sections of the antenna.

  • TZ-V-40 40m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical*
  • TZ-V-30 30m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical
  • TZ-V-20 20m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical*
  • TZ-V-17 17m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical
  • TZ-V-15 15m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical*
  • TZ-V-12 12m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical
  • TZ-V-10 10m Full Size 1/4 Wave Vertical

We recommend users purchase either the 15m, the 20m, or the 40m verticals with these verticals easily reconfigured to cover other higher frequency bands. e.g.

TZ-V-40 - covers 40m and 30m via easy reconfiguration.

TZ-V-20 - covers 20m and 17m via easy reconfiguration

TZ-V-15 - covers 15m and 12/10m via easy reconfiguration

The full size quarter wave vertical range all use our excellent vertical antenna bases as used in our trapped vertical range of antennas. These bases are strong, simple, sturdy and elegant. They are supplied with an so-259 connector for direct connection to a coaxial cable and have tapped connections for radials.

Stainless steel fasteners are used (except for mounting U bolts which are optionally S/S) as well as aluminium rivets for reduced corrosion. Two or Three (3) stainless steel hose clamps are used to permit adjustment of the antenna on each band. Assembly is simple and straightforward, and if by chance something does go wrong most parts can be obtained from your local hardware store, e.g. nuts, screws, rivets, U bolts etc.

The Rippletech radial kit is recommended for tower or mast mounting of the antenna. Optional S/S mounting U bolts are also available instead of the galvanised version for an additional cost of $20.00 inclusive of GST.


The TZ-V-XX full sized quarter wave verticals features include:

  • Operating bands 10/12/15/17/20/30/40m (Covers 11m as well !)
  • Max Operating power 2 kW PEP, 1kW CW continuous
  • Typical impedance 35 ohm - 50 ohm (depending on installation)
  • Gain -1.0 to 0 dBd
  • Effective Gain 1.4 dBi Typical (when mounted at 1 wavelength height)
  • VSWR 1.5:1 (typical)
  • Bandwidth 10m > 1500 kHz, 15m > 700 kHz, 20m > 500 kHz, 40m >300kHz, WARC bands - whole of each band.
  • Total length 2.4m to 10.3m depending on band.
  • Wind Survival 100-150 kmph (depending on band)
  • Weight 2.0-4.0 kgs (approx 4.4 lb)

The TZ-V-XX is supplied with all stainless steel hardware except for the boom/pole mount U bolts (optionally S/S).

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