160m - 10m High Power HF 1:1 Balun

TZ-1840 1:1 Hi-Power (1kW) HF Balun


The TZ-1840 Balun features include:

  • Operating frequency - 1.8 to 30 MHz (usable to 1.8 -> 45 MHz)
  • Operating power - 1 kW CW continuous (into a matched load), 2kW PEP intermittent
  • Type - Linear, ferrite core
  • Ratio - 1 :1
  • Typical impedance - 50 ohm or 75 ohm
  • Thru loss - < 0.15 dB (typical 3.5-30 MHz)
  • (Better than 0.25dB 160m) (< 0.1dB 5 to 18 MHz)
  • VSWR - Degradation less than 1.1:1 (typical)

PRICE:   $69.00


The TZ-1840 balun is a high performance low loss, 1:1 balun. The balun is supplied with all stainless steel connections, fully sealed in a high impact ABS plastic case and is suitable for boom mounting or sling mounting. A ferrite core is used to extend the useable range of the balun down to 160m, whilst still being able to handle high power, without saturating.


The TZ-1840 is designed to be able to be used in either wire antenna or boom antenna installations. An eyelet is provided to support the balun when it is hung in a vertical situation such as when installed in a wire dipole or inverted vee. Groves in the base of the balun enclosure are provided to assist mounting of the balun to a round tube such as a mast for an aluminum dipole installation or on a boom in a yagi installation. Large cable ties can be used for the boom installation and small cable ties for the wire installations.


The TZ-1840 is not a kit. It is supplied fully constructed with detailed installation instructions and hardware for mounting. The TZ-1840 is an excellent choice for inverted Vee antennas, beams, large quads, horizontal wire or rotary dipoles.

Packaged TZ-1840 HF Balun

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