160m - 6m Low Power HF/VHF 4:1 Balun

1:1 Low Power (100w) HF/VHF Mini-Balun


The TZ-1860-4 mini-balun features include:

  • Operating frequency - 3 to 60 MHz (usable to 1.8 -> 90 MHz)
  • Operating power - 50W CW (into a matched load), 100W PEP
  • Type - Single Toroidal ferrite core
  • Ratio - 4:1 (200 -> 50 ohm)
  • Current mode balun with single toroidal core
  • Thru loss - < 0.10dB (typical 1.8 to 30 MHz) (Better than 0.05dB midband, better than 0.15dB on 6m)
  • VSWR - Degradation less than 1.1:1 (typical)

PRICE:   $55.00

TZ-250-4ls shown, packaging and sizing is identical. Internal components are particular to each balun type.


The TZ-1860-4 balun is a high performance low loss, 4:1 balun. The balun is supplied with all stainless steel connections, fully sealed in a high impact ABS plastic case and is suitable for boom mounting or sling mounting. Dual toroidal ferrite cores are used to extend the useable range of the balun down to 160m and all the way above 60MHz, whilst still being able to handle a peak power, of 100w or an average power of 50w without saturating. Yes, the balun can be used on 6m too. Small diameter enamelled copper windings are used to provide the required performance in a small package. The Permamide winding provides superior voltage rating for the same physical size.


The TZ-1860-4 is designed to be able to be used in wire antenna installations where light weight is the premium consideration and low power handling capability (100w) is not an issue. An eyelet is provided to support the balun when it is hung in a vertical situation such as when installed in a wire dipole or inverted vee antenna. The balun may be used for boom/mast installations if needed. Large cable ties can be used for the boom installation and small cable ties for the wire installations.


The TZ-1860-4 is not a kit. This is a single toroidal core, current mode (Guanella) balun. It is supplied fully constructed with detailed installation instructions and hardware for mounting. The TZ-1860-4 is an excellent choice for OCF dipoles, yagi beams, inverted Vees and any other antennas with a high input impedance in the range 150-300 ohms (200 ohms nominal). However, the primary function intended for this product is a light, portable balun for use with wires antennas where a small, compact, lightweight design is the key criteria. It is particularly suited for use with lightweight masts (such as our 10m fibreglass poles) where is can be mounted at the base of the 2nd most top section to support an OCF dipole.

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