RG-58 Coaxial Cable Runs

RG-58 Cable


The cables provided by Rippletech are simply RG-58 cable cut to a set of prepared lengths and either terminated or unterminated.

  • 20m, 25m or 33m lengths
  • Loss as per RG-58C/u.
  • PL-259 Connectors (if terminated cables selected)
  • Weight < 1.5kg.

PRICE:   See Price List


Cables are supplied in one of three set lengths, being 20m, 25m or 33m which are selected to use 100m rolls fully and reduce wastage and therefore cost. For those hams who do not have access to a soldering iron, the cables can be pre-terminated with PL-259 plug connectors to permit you to get on the air faster and with confidence that all is ready..

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