20m and 40m traps

TZ-CT-40 40m Trap


Rippletech Traps:

  • Fully sealed contruction
  • M6 stainless steel (305 grade) connections
  • lightweight, strong and durable
  • Individually tuned to frequency
  • Tested prior to despatch
  • Power handling - in excess of 1kW.

PRICE:   $49.00ea


These are parallel resonant traps for use in wire antennas. These are excellent products for the home brewer or builder whoe want to construct their own antenna or to experiment with various antenna designs and configurations. The traps are coaxial traps which have been fully sealed against the weather and terminated with high quality stainless steel fittings. A final coat of enamel is applied for a crystal finish. Each trap is individually tuned to resonance prior to sealing.

40m traps are resonant at 7.125 MHz (+/- 2%)

20m traps are resonant at 14.200 MHz (+/- 2%)

Note these traps are not subject to change when covered in water like some other models. They are also not simply coils of wire without any C component, they are genuine traps with approximately 40dB attenuation at resonance.


Cut your antenna to length and attach the trap at the far end of the wires. Attach additional wires to the other end of the trap and resonate at the next lower frequency. A number of traps can be used to resonate your antenna on two, three or even more different frequencies.

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